Top Ten Web Tips

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Nota Bene: I do not pretend that the tips I recommend must be followed to the letter, or that I'm absolutely right. However, if you follow these tips, you should manage to avoid the worst of the most common mistakes.

  1. Image Tags

  2. Web Page Size:
  3. Images:
  4. Frames:
  5. Java/JavaScript:
  6. Cookies:
  7. ActiveX:
  8. Multimedia (animations, RealAudio, MIDI sound, etc...):
  9. Browser Discrimination:
  10. Browser Colors:
That's it. Doesn't leave you with much, does it? Well, it does make you work harder to present real content, because it will be harder to hide it behind flash and trash if you follow these guidelines.

However, it's ultimately the content that you're trying to get across to people, not the trappings -- right? This is doubly important when it comes to things like handling visually impaired users that may be using a text-to-speech translator on their browser, so that they can hear your content spoken to them.

It is possible to intentionally violate one or more of these rules and still succeed in achieving good web page design, but doing so requires good design sense, intelligence, and just plain common sense (which we all know isn't). The combination of these three is virtually impossible to find.

If you're designing a commercial web page, you might also be interested in looking at How to Avoid 10 Fatal Website Mistakes, by Hannah Kate Kinnersley on the TechWeb site. I may disagree with some of their specific hard recommendations regarding web page size, but their other suggestions appear to be very good.

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